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Report for the June 2021 Parish Council Magazine -Kippax Matters


It's been great to see you all out and about while we've been working around Kippax, enjoying the spring flowers in the lovely sunny weather we've had for the last few weeks. It's now 20 years since we started out on our journey to improve our village horticulturally and environmentally. We had hoped to have a big

celebration when the Yorkshire in Bloom judges were due to visit us in July but this has been cancelled now because of the pandemic, although we're still hoping to celebrate when restrictions allow.

Since we started out, we've made and maintain 44 flower beds/ borders, installed 33 planters and planted 25 large trees, established a Wildlife Garden and installed the Coal Tub as a nod to our mining heritage. We've planted thousands of bulbs. We've looked after the Wells Garden and Butt Hill Gardens from when they were installed. We've achieved Gold Medals and also been category winners in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition for the last few years. We've also twice, in 2012 and 2016, been Gold medal and category winners in Britain in Bloom. These are fantastic achievements for our group and have put Kippax on the map. We're grateful for all the help we've received to be able to achieve this and wish we could name everyone but there are just so many and we'd need a very large book!

Over the last few weeks our volunteers have been planting shrubs around Kippax Hall Surgery following a major pruning of the existing ones. We will continue to improve that whole area. We've also started working on the sleeper bed next to the Top Fish shop on Crosshills. Watch out for a lot more colour there. Our grass cutting teams have started their mowing. Summer is coming.

Onto the future, we are soon starting work on a Sensory/Dementia Garden just off the High St on Maltkiln Lane. We have obtained funding from the Coop Community Fund, Leeds City Council Housing Advisory Panel and Kippax Parish Council up to now but this is a huge project and if anyone can help with sponsorship or with work, we would be most grateful.

As always, we are most grateful to everyone who continues to support us and can't thank you all enough, every bit helps. We also thank Marie and Jonny at Woodend, LCC Parks and Countryside staff and the Arium, our local LCC Locality Team, our Parish Council and Mary, James and Mirelle our Ward Councillors. If you feel you could give us a hand in anyway, please contact me at psamvkib(@aol.com or Phone 0113 2862283 or call to Pats Sweets. Our website is www.kippaxinbloom.com

Thank you. Pat








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