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In this section you will find :-

1.Result of our entry in Yorkshire in Bloom 2018.

2.The judges comments from Yorkshire in Bloom 2018

3.A poem by Chris Porter to mark judging day.

4. Images from the Keep Kippax Tidy event held on Sunday 25th March 2018


1.Kippax wins a Gold award and are category winners in Yorkshire in Bloom 2018

At an awards ceremony held at York Race Course on Tuesday the 11th September 2018 it was announced that Kippax had been awarded a Gold award and were winners of their category (Urban Community) in this years Yorkshire in Bloom competition.

Congratulations and a very big thank you for everybody who made this possible.


2.The judges comments from Yorkshire in Bloom 2018

Kippax - Gold Category Winners

Overall impression

The Kippax in Bloom group had worked hard to ensure that the planting throughout the community was well watered and this had put great pressure on the group of local volunteers during the period of the current drought. Their work was show cased throughout the village for all to see. Floral displays and perennial planting throughout the village coupled with historic features and art. The group had involved numerous organisations with its entry and was supported by the Parish and Leeds city councils. Local businesses had come together to support a great entry.

The group is now playing a greater role in influencing green space management throughout the community and always looking to contribute towards future developments within the community.

The involvement of the schools and churches has paid off resulting in a separate entry for Kippax North Primary school. The community should be proud of the work which has been achieved.

Judges feedback on areas for consideration.

The group should consider setting up a junior in Bloom group building on the work undertaken at Kippax North Primary school .Possible with the future allocation of the maintenance of a floral area within the community. This may help to involve parents and potential new members of the group.

Consider greater involvement of the other schools in a future poster designs for next year as these were effective during the period of judging to raise the profile of the groups work.

The group should continue to refresh a small number of the planted areas in order toretain standards in a similar manner as planned for Butt Hill Gardens.

The group should increase its involvement in the SSSI site at Town Close Hills (Billy Woods) as this will help to safe guard the site for future generations and protect its unique flora and wild life habitats


3.A poem by Chris Porter to mark judging day.

Three Views of Yorkshire in Bloom Judging Day, Kippax 2018

The Resident

I'm living in Kippax after years away

And boy, how things have changed!

Kippax in Bloom have shaken things up

They work like they're deranged!

And coming up to judging,

The pressure's on for me

Trim the hedge, mow the lawn

Is all tidy, weed and litter free?

I've even put the poster up

Let's hope it doesn't rain

Well, not on judging day at least

Kippax has a reputation to maintain

The Volunteer

I'm one of what's known locally as Pat Samy's Bloomers

Most of us aren't young, so-called Baby Boomers

Does she make allowance? Not one little bit

She treats us like athletes, young, lithe and fit

Unpaid slaves is what we are, out in every weather

Working singly on the mower or digging a bed together

Trowelling on our knees, Brufen will help the pain

This year we'd have been better off simply praying for rain

But coming up to judging, we see our efforts show

Kippax is looking lovely, flower beds aglow

We know that other groups work hard and take the strain

After all Kippax has a reputation to maintain

The Yorkshire in Bloom Judge

As a Yorkshire in Bloom Judge

It's just a working day for me

Going to different places,

Never knowing what I'll see

Sustainability, imagination, flair

Help to win my praise

With teamwork, community spirit

There's more to it than flower displays!

I have to be fair in sun, hail or rain

We judges have a reputation to maintain

Chris Porter


4. Keep Kippax Tidy

Hosted by Alpha1Teclabs